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Super Kleen is a combination of powerful blend detergents with high levels of skin conditioning agent which make it ideally for general hard surface cleaning as well as dish washing
BiodegradableSuper Kleen is fully biodegradable in both hardand soft water areas.
EconomicalSuper Kleen is concentrated and can be diluted with water
EffectiveSuper Kleen is specially formulated to dissolve, grease and grime without the need for hard scrubbing.
Skin ConditionerSuper Kleen leaves hand soft
PerfumeSuper Kleen contains a pleas citrus aroma
- Free Rinsing
Super Kleen leaves dishes steak free, therefore no need to use unhygienic towels
Noni is combination of powerful blend detergents with high level of skin conditioning agent which make it ideally for multi purpose cleaning as well as dish washing.
Silver Shine is latest formulation to shine the surfaces of material origin from SILVER and BRASS. This is a safe and fast method by soaking the parts in few minutes into concentrate. After few minutes, take out and rinse with plenty of water and wipe with clean cloth. The parts will shine and sparkling as original. SILVER SHINE is also can be used for hard stain or water scale removing into floor or toilet bowl when acid based detergent required. Please dilute with water accordingly before use.
Alkaline Cleaner is a blend of caustic alkalis and special surface active agent which combine to provide a powerful, viscous liquid cleaner. Alkaline Cleaner clings to the surface dissolving and decarbonising deposits of fats, grease and oil from ovens, cooking utensils, deep fat friers and other kitchen equipment. It can also be used for air-condition coil cleaning jobs.
Crockery and Utensil Distaining Powder. A soluble free flowing detergent powder developed for the quick and safe removal of stains from urns, teapots and cup made of stainless steel, plated ware, chinaware and plastic ( including melamine ). For catering and food processing industry.
Powercut is a caustic based, degreasing powder concentrate, which is effective for the heaviest cleaning and degreasing operations. Due to high concentration of sequestrates present in Powercut, it can be used in both hard and soft water areas.
A powerful cream cleanser with mild abrasive media, suitable for removing even stubborn stains from most hard surfaces, including baths, sinks, cookers, stainless steel sinks and fitments, tiled areas and paintwork surfaces. Suitable for external highrise building cleaning with coated alucarbon material without scratches.
Multipurpose Strawberry is a powerful detergent suitable for contract cleaning company which makes it ideally for multipurpose floor cleaning as well as dish washing.
Multi purpose powder detergent for floor cleaner or laundry purpose.


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