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AROMOK is a specialist cleaner and degreaser which readily emulsifies oil, protein, vegertable and general grime. AROMOK is effective for a wide variety of cleaning operation including floors and wall as well as most processing equipment, production floor. Due to its non-tainting bactericidal properties it is particularly suitable for hygiene operation.
BactericidalAROMOK contains is a quaternary ammonium biocide which is active againts a broad spectrum of bacteria
BiodegradableAROMOK is fully biodegradable in both hard and soft water areas
EconomicalAROMOK can be diluted with up 30 parts of water
EffectiveAROMOK is specifically formulated to dissolve grease and grime without the need for hard scrubbing
UnperfumedAROMOK leaves no taint or smell on surfaces
SafeAROMOK is non-flammable and solvent free
Grease Buster is a specialized degreaser which rapidly removes industrial grease, animal fats, blood, protein and waste. Ideally for food industry. Grease Buster is effective for a wide variety of cleaning operation, that including floors and walls as most food procesing equipment, containers, work tables, production floor, drains and waste disposal units, leaving the surfaces bacteria free.
Solvent Degreaser is a concentrate emulsifiable solvent degreaser, designed to cut quickly though grease and grime. Use undiluted or dilute with paraffin or white spirit resulting in extremely low in-use cost.
A fully inhibited chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent formulated to clean electrical equipment and to remove oil, dirt and grime from general machinery and equipment. Cab be applied by spray, cloth or by using dip tank and also suitable for use in vapor phase degreasing. It is non-flammable and highly non-conductive.
A highly concentrated solvent free cleaner and degreaser containing a blend of non caustic alkaline and versatile surface active agents, to remove grease, oil and other types of stubborn grime from a variety of surfaces. Powerful degreaser for mineral oil and lift dirt.


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