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Heavy Duty Sanitizer is concentrate sanitizer for the food industry. A blend of high activity detergent, water softening agents and powerful quaternary ammonium biocides to provide effective one or two stage cleaning disinfections. Its can be diluted up to 180 parts of either hard or soft water depend upon degree of soiling. very low intoxicity containing no perfume and non tainting provide effective action against gram +ve bacteria as well fungi and yeast.
General purpose bactericidal Detergant powder. Consists of mild alkaline, surfactants and orgenochlorine bactericides. It has been specifically developed to remove grease, body fats and general soiling from tiles and most other surfaces. BZ SANIKLOR doesnt not foam and therefore can be used to clean the surrounds of swimming pools and leisure pool areas.
A refeshing alcohol-based hand saniziter that kill 99% of most common illness germ in alittle as 15 second without water. Bz Hand Sanitizer used on hand without soap, water or towel, leaving them feeling refreshed and soft.

Bz Hand Sanitizer is instant hand sanitizer formulated for used by employees in the food and beverage production and processing industries, where contaminated hand is great risk to safe food handling. It is applied for all employees whose hands are constantly control harmful pathogens usually transmitted by the hand.

Studies shown the good hygiene practice is important for maintaining lifestyle. In fact over 80% of all infection illness are spread by the hand. When you can't get soap and water, instant Hand Sanitizer is a convenience effectively way to kill germs than may causes illness that are transmitted by hand. Use Bz Hand Sanitizer anytime at any place


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