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Pine Cleaner | Toilet Bowl Cleaner | Deodorant Block | Speedee Act
Pine Cleaner is a highly concentrated bactericidal cleaner widely used in hospital, school and public toilet for clean the floors, wall and other hard surface. A blend or surfactants combined with pure of pine oil to clean and disinfect of all washable surfaces, economically and effeciently in one operation.
Combines highly active in organic acid with wetting agents, resulting in a Toilet Cleaner which actively discales, disinfect and deodorizes in one simple operation. Its clings to surface removing scale and algae, and with and anti microbal value of 50, its eradicates odor producing bacteria to leave ceramic toilet and urinal sparkling clean
A blend of organic acids and wetting agents, specifically formulated to descale, disinfect and deodorize toilets and urinals, buit is also widely used to clean swimming pool areas.
A urinal block is made off 100% pure paradichlorobenzene plus with lemon or strawberry fragrance.Toss in urinal,trash receptacle or whenever deodorizing is needed.Urinal Block performance is not affected by water.


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